Interstuhl Modellserie VLEGSis3

Product information of the company:

VLEGSIS3 is a stackable chair for seminar, conference and event halls as well as educational institutions and canteens. Its special feature is the use of an original elegant elliptic tube that is bent over 60 degrees, i. e. in a slanted position.

This results in the practical advantage that the classic V-frames align and secure themselves when stacked on top of each other. At the same time the cross-section height is used optimally so that maximum frame stability is achieved with delicate dimensions. A patent has been registered for this new technology.

It was our aim to offer architects a neutral but modern original product that blends harmoniously into contemporary, sophisticated architecture. At the same time, all the size and technical requirements of large-capacity seating were taken into account.

The VLEGSIS3 seat has a distinctive window-like opening that makes the chair look light and airy. This look is supported by the elegant flat edge as the seat is delicate in the visible outside areas and thicker in the middle zone cross-sections. The opening in the backrest provides an easy grip for moving the chair.

The technical structure of the seat is particularly sophisticated. It is produced using a so-called 2K process: inside it has a hard, strong PP-GF (polypropylene with glass fibre content) core and outside it is finished completely in soft, PP (polypropylene).

The user can also assume a comfortable and active posture as the chair has a generous seating surface.

We use a classic tried and tested concept for linking a twopart cylindrical coupling element, which we have produced in diecast zinc to be extremely stable. The linking can also be locked to be panic proof on request using a special push-on lock.

Our linking concept is designed geometrically so that there are no restrictions at all, whether a chair without armrests is linked to one with armrests, two chairs without armrests or two chairs with armrests are linked together. As a result, the user can alternate the setup, which is often necessary due to space saving requirements.

Benefits to health and environment

  1. no adverse effects on human health in the living environment because low in emissions
  2. tested for formaldehyde, solvents and plasticizers
  3. environmentally friendly manufactured – this particularly applies to leather, textiles and upholstery materials

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