Bürodrehstuhl IXO

Product information of the company:

ixo® - exclusive, futuristic, timeless

The office chair for everyone

The ixo® meets all requirements in terms of equipment and enriches each and every workplace through a striking upholstery look and convincing details. This is guaranteed by ROHDE & GRAHL, an innovative manufacturer of office furniture. The ixo® is available in various versions: with a breathable mesh back and rear cloth, with full padding and mesh fabric or with a padded plastic back. Beside the typical design by ROHDE & GRAHL each model also comes with the perfect ergonomics for relaxed seating.

Benefits to health and environment

  1. no adverse effects on human health in the living environment because low in emissions
  2. tested for formaldehyde, solvents and plasticizers
  3. environmentally friendly manufactured – this particularly applies to leather, textiles and upholstery materials