Bürodrehstühle und Besucherstühle der Modellfamilie @Just mit Textilbezug

Product information of the company:

A bestseller from Dauphin

The AtJust2 range satisfies the exact requirements when it comes to ergonomics, timeless styling and ease of operation. In terms of design, the chairs are deliberately timeless and focus on your individual needs. And with just a few simplsteps, you can adjust your chair so that even long periods of time spent sitting are not a problem.

Versatile and modern
The swivel chairs feature height-adjustable backrests and are available with three different upholstery types. The new Syncro-Motion X® mechanism ensures a harmonious synchronous movement process and thus the greatest possible comfort
when sitting. Seat-depth adjustment using sliding seat as standard.

AtJust2 offers:
New, easy-to-use, compact and well designed Syncro-Motion X® mechanism.

A choice of three upholstery designs: An upholstered backrest with plastic outer shell, a fully upholstered backrest or a mesh backrest, each available in two heights and with a neckrest.

Perfect dynamics for a healthy posture when sitting.

Design: Daniel Figueroa + Dauphin Design Team

Benefits to health and environment

  1. no adverse effects on human health in the living environment because low in emissions
  2. tested for formaldehyde, solvents and plasticizers
  3. environmentally friendly manufactured – this particularly applies to leather, textiles and upholstery materials

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