moll Kinderschreibtisch-Programm Champion (Tischmodell Champion color & wood; Container Cubic auf Rollen; Anbauteile); Oberflächen: Melaminharzbeschichtung; Tischseiten auch lackiert oder Massivholz bzw. geölt

Product information of the company:

excellent - Champion — more than just a desk
Quality, function and design — Champion sets new standards for youngsters’ bedrooms.  No other desk combines design, ergonomics and safety the way Champion does. The integrated yo-yo device lets children easily adjust height themselves. The rounded corners add safety.
Champion is a model of excellent design: In 2012, it won the international Red Dot design award.


purposeful - Champion grows with every challenge
The desks have tilt-adjustable tops in three versions, so both right- and lefthanders can create the optimal learning space. Thanks to plenty of storage options, a roomy cable channel, a wide choice of colors and easy adaptability to one’s own way of working, Champion can easily adjust  to the needs of children and teens.
The patented Comfort height adjustment allows Champion to be adapted continuously to body sizes up to 200 cm — with little strength and no risk of injury. The yo-yo device changes with the child’s taste — with eight accent colors included. Moreover, the yo-yo device can be removed at any time and stored separately.


roomy - more space with the Champion
In addition to design and ergonomics, space is crucial to a good desk. Because children’s rooms may offer limited space, users welcome intelligent solutions for dealing with space issues.  For many years, moll has been known for solutions that create space in close quarters. They ensure that even tilted desktops always have enough space for studying, reading and work, in a tidy, structured environment.


ergonomic - Champion adapts
Work habits are as individual as we are, so with three desktop variants, Champion’s tilt adjusts  at will — offering the room needed for drawing, reading, learning and crafts. With pulleys on the front edge of the desk, it is child’s play to adjust the desktop as much as 20°.
Grasping and viewing direction differs for right- and left-handers. We’ve thought that through: Based on the version chosen, the tilt-adjustable and stationary part of the desktop is ergonomically adapted.


flexible - with the Champion Compact
Not every location offers the space to set up an ideal work area. To use moll’s advantages in ergonomics, design and functionality even in limited spaces, there is the Champion Compact.  It is 30 cm narrower than the Champion and fits in easily. If more space becomes available later, the optional Side Top can be added to the desk. So it doesn’t only grow with its user, but also with the space, and offers optimal learning and work conditions in every phase of life.


structured - Champion keeps order
When they start school, children just need a couple of notebooks. Later come a lot of books,  and finally a computer with a monitor. This is fine when you can easily extend the desk later.  All extensions, add-on parts and accessories from moll can be integrated later at any time.


lively - Champion brings color into play
In addition to Champion’s classic white desk sides, more desk sides are offered  in five different colors and two solid wood versions that can even be changed later on.

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emissions
  2. wood from sustainable forestry
  3. no adverse impact on health  in the living environment

Product images | moll Funktionsmöbel GmbH