scouter Carsharing

Product information of the company:

scouter is an independent, mid-sized car sharing company that offers private consumers and small businesses reliable transportation options.

Currently the fleet of about 230 cars is available for hire in the cities of Bonn, Fürth, Gießen, Kassel, Marburg, Nürnberg und Würzburg. scouter customers are also able to use the vehicles offered by carsharing partner, Flinkster, available in an additional 300 cities across Germany.

The majority of scouter’s fleet have fixed locations. Quartiers carsharing in Bonn is also included inside this network. Customers have access to vehicles of all sizes from transporters to compact cars including electric vehicles available in some locations. scouter’s fleet strives to be as environmentally sensitive as possible utilizing only modern, fuel efficient vehicles that keep CO2 emissions to a minimum.

Benefits to health and environment

  1. car sharing eases the burden on public traffic space in our cities
  2. ease of the environment by environmentally friendlier and more fuel-efficient vehicles