Can noise be harmful to human health?
Emissions and environmental toxins can sicken you in the long run. Noise, for example, may lead to health problems. Noise impairs our performance and concentration. Noise causes stress already at low sound levels. Garden shred- ders can cause considerable noise nuisance - often a special annoyance to the neighbours. The Blue Angel for low-noise garden shredders is awarded to particularly low-noise appliances and can help guide your buying decision. Apart from that, garden shredders provide an additional waste management benefit: tree cuttings need no longer be separately disposed of but are ready for composting. In addition, manufacturers undertake to give the devices a recyclable design and to take back old devices.
Benefits to Environment and Health
  1. low noise impact
  2. environmentally friendly due to a waste management benefit
  3. recyclable design

Product preview

ATIKA GmbH, Germany (2)
ATIKA Leise-Walzenhäcksler ALF 2800 (Typ AH 621)
ATIKA Leise-Walzenhäcksler LHF 2800 (Typ AH 621)
Einhell Germany AG, Germany (4)
Einhell Gartenhäcksler GLLH 2845 Gardenline und GFLH 2845 Gardenfeelings
Einhell Gartenhäcksler GLLH 2846 und GFLH 2848
Einhell Gartenhäcksler GLLH 2848 und GFLH 2848
Einhell Gartenhäcksler GLLH 2849 und GFLH 2849
Euromate GmbH, Germany (1)
Leisewalzenhäcksler LUX TOOLS E-LH 2800 (Art.-Nr. 468421)
ISC GmbH Internationales Service Center GmbH, Germany (3)
Einhell Classic Leise-Häcksler, Modell GC-RS 2845 CB
Einhell Gartenhäcksler BG-RS 2845/1 CB
Gartenhäcksler Gardol, Modell GLH-E 2845 B
KIG GmbH, Germany (1)
KIG Leise-Walzenhäcksler MBPLH 2800 (Typ AH 621)
Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany (4)
BOSCH Leise-Häcksler AXT 22 D
BOSCH Leise-Häcksler AXT 23 TC
BOSCH Leise-Häcksler AXT 25 D
BOSCH Leise-Häcksler AXT 25 TC