Low-Noise and Low-Pollutant Garden Tools

Outdoor recreation without noise and stink
Garden tools create a noise nuisance during operation, especially in times of leisure and at places of recreation. Hence, it is recommended to use Blue Angel-labelled low-noise garden tools. Combustion-engine-powered garden tools are additionally required to meet exhaust emission standards and, thus, provide for better air quality. For health protection purposes, plastic components and handle materials may not contain any problematic ingredients.
Benefits to health and environment
  • reduced noise emissions
  • reduced exhaust emissions
  • avoidance of pollutants

Product preview

Bosch Lawn & Garden Ltd., Great Britain (2)
BOSCH Akku-Rasenmäher Typ Rotak 37 LI (Generation4)
BOSCH Akku-Rasenmäher Typ Rotak 43 LI (Generation4)
Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany (3)
BOSCH Akku Rasenmäher Typen ROTAK 37 LI und 37 LI Ultra
BOSCH Akku-Kettensäge Typ AKE 30 LI
BOSCH Akku-Rasenmäher Typ Rotak 32LI
Viking GmbH, Austria (2)
VIKING Akku Rasenmäher Typen MA 339.0 und MA 339.0 C
VIKING Akku Rasenmäher Typen MA 339.0 und MA 339.1 C