Blue is the most beautiful shade of green – Blue Angel products with low noise emissions and low pollutant emissions allow you to potter around the garden without disturbing your neighbours or impacting on your own health.

Quiet gardening

Garden equipment can cause disruptive noise especially in leisure or recreational areas. The Blue Angel identifies garden equipment with especially low noise emissions. This includes lawnmowers, lawn trimmers, lawn edge trimmers, brush cutters, chain saws, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, scarifiers and compost shredders.

Well lubricated

When working with power saws, around 7,000 tonnes of chain lubricants escape into the environment every year due to lubrication losses. Products awarded with the environmental label primarily consist of rapeseed or beet oil that display a good level of biodegradability. This protects the soil and bodies of water.

Less chemicals in bathrooms

Mobile toilets are being used increasing frequently – in camping vehicles and sport boats, as well as at construction sites, motorway service areas and major events or in tour buses, aircraft, passenger trains and passenger ships. The alternative to standard products are sanitary additives and flushing-water additives compatible with clarification plants that have been awarded the Blue Angel ecolabel. It is not permitted for them to contain, for example, any biocidal properties against microorganisms in clarification plants or to have any other negative effects when disposed of in clarification plants.