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Fuginator Fugenbürste

Product information of the company:

The material:

The raw material for the handle, the regranulate, consists of HDPE waste (polyethylene) from industry and trade, as well as

of conventional households, such as the „Gelber Sack“.

The production:

In a special process, the material is crushed, cleaned, separated,washed, dried and fi nally extruded.

The fi nished granules are then sent for further processing in ourproduction facility.

The bristle material consists of cutting residues, which occur during cutting to length and returned to the production process.


The recycled material has no influence on the quality and effectiveness of the product of the FUGINATOR®.


Brand: Fuginator

Fugenial GmbH

Wolfshain 1
07937 Zeulenroda-Triebes
Geschäftsführer Andrè Waldenburger

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