Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaning
Today, there are about 39 million vacuum cleaners in German households. All together they consume about 3.4 billion kilowatt hours per year. During an eight-year service life the electricity costs sometimes add up to more than the purchase price.

The Blue Angel eco-label for vacuum cleaners may be awarded to products featuring low energy consumption, high dust pick-up and low dust re-emission. Their design enhances future recyclability and noise emissions are low. Environmentally harmful substances are avoided. A strong focus is placed on longevity and repairability.

The Blue Angel eco-label requires a motor service life of at least 600 hours, the suction nozzle must survive 1200 falls from as high as 80 cm, the appliance must withstand 500 impacts from thresholds and doorposts and the suction hose must survive at least 40,000 deformations. Thereby the Blue Angel also points the way to an extended service life of products and the corresponding avoidance of waste.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. low energy consumption
  2. recyclable design
  3. low noise

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

Electrolux Hausgeräte GmbH, Germany (1)
AEG UltraSilencer - ÖKO USGREEN+, VX8-1-ÖKO AEG UltraSilencer - ÖKO USGREEN+, VX8-1-ÖKO