COMpact 4000

Product information of the company:

Made for those who like it straightforward

Never before it was that easy to fulfil virtually every demand with just one compact PBX system – especially in the segment up to 16 subscribers. COMpact 4000 realises this with its basic setup already offering popular features like voicemail, SIP comfort, VoIP or tap-proof phone calls. Features like intelligent group functions or CTI applications additionally open up the world of professional telecommunication for business use. And if you need more you can expand the system with additional features or ports. Moreover COMpact 4000 is already prepared for all the upcoming challenges like IPv6 or All-IP connections. 

  • Expandable VoIP/ISDN/ analogue system
  • Connection of system and standard telephones possible (VoIP, ISDN, analogue)
  • Up to 10 external lines / up to 16 subscriber ports
  • CTI in the network
  • Automatic Attendant
  • Integrated voicemail and fax server
  • Integration into home and building automation

Benefits to the Environment and Health

  1. low energy consumption
  2. durable

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