Using the sun to generate electric power
In day-to-day life we can use solar milk frothers to refine our coffee or have the time shown using a solar powered wall clock or a solar powered radio alarm clock. Tiny solar cells in the products generate electric power from the sunlight. They are coupled to rechargeable batteries (accumulators) in order to guarantee sufficient operational safety of the product. By doing without cadmium-containing batteries and other contaminants photovoltaic products can help reduce the impact on the environment and promote the spread of solar cells.

Benefits to health and environment

  1. energy efficient
  2. renewable energie


At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

Leifheit Aktiengesellschaft, Germany (5)
Soehnle 63308 Solar Sense - digitale Personenwaage
Soehnle 66183 Easy Solar White - digitale Personenwaage
Soehnle 66188 Easy Solar Black - digitale Personenwaage
Soehnle Digitale Personenwaage 63341 Solar Star
Soehnle Digitale Personenwaage 63342 Solar Fit