UTAX 7006ci ab Seriennr. VTX8- (500240), (700267), (700272), (800281), (800284-800290), (800292-297), (900298-900299), (X00304-X00306), (Y00307-Y00324), VTX8Z00325 und später

Product information of the company:

For higher volume output in colour it is now possible to print and copy your documents in high-speed of 65 pages per minute. This is done easily with this system for high-end office environments and central reprographic departments. When it comes to printing documents in high quality, this system is the right choice. A convincing presentation of your work results is ensured due to the technical innovations in the fields of quality, productivity, reliability and security. Also, the paper management offers high flexibility due to the possibility of printing onto paper weights up to 300 g/m² and paper sizes up to A3+. Moreover the paper capacity can be expanded to 7,650 sheets. Numerous options, for example in the area of paper management and finishing, fulfil various user requirements.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. low energy consumption
  2. low emissions and noise
  3. durable

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