IM 9000

Product information of the company:

End-to-end apps and advanced solutions have been combined with the IM 9000 to work seamlessly with digital workflows. The MFP Cloud connection means you can share documents instantly and the smart operation panel enables you to use all of your devices at the touch of a button.

Use the IM 9000 to revolutionise the way you print and scan by:

  • Making it your own by downloading new features, upgrades and applications
  • Tapping the interactive touchscreen operations panel to customise the settings
  • Scanning between 220 and 240 impressions a minute in either black and white or colour, including small paper sizes (as small as bank slips)
  • Using the collection of finishing features, which include two multi-folding units, booklet finishers and a stapler, to perfect the end result


  • B&W printing
  • Print
  • Fax
  • A4
  • A3

Benefits to the Environment

  1. low energy consumption
  2. low emissions and noise
  3. durable