Watching TV with Foresight
High-definition TV sets are the trend. To make sure that this plus in the enjoyment of watching TV does not result in a higher electricity bill the Blue Angel label may be awarded to appliances that are particularly energy efficient while still providing the same level of performance. Moreover, Blue Angel-labelled TV sets must be mercury-free and other pollutant contents must be low to allow efficient recycling of the appliances at the end of their useful lives.
Benefits to the Environment
  1. mercury-free
  2. low energy consumption in operation
  3. low standby losses
TP Vision Germany GmbH, Germany (4)
PHILIPS Smart LED-Fernseher 6000er Serie 6xx7 140 cm (55") Typ 55PFL6007
PHILIPS Smart LED-Fernseher 6000er Serie 6xx8 107 cm (42") Typ 42PFL6xx8, 119 cm (47") Typ 47PFL6xx8, 140 cm (55") Typ 55PFL6xx8, 152 cm (60") Typ 60PFL6xx8
PHILIPS Smart LED-Fernseher 7000er Serie 7xx8 107 cm (42") Typ 42PFL7xx8, 119 cm (47") Typ 47PFL7xx8, 140 cm (55") Typ 55PFL7xx8
PHILIPS Smart LED-Fernseher 8000er Serie 8xx8 102 cm (40") Typ 40PFL8xx8, 117 cm (46") Typ 46PFL8xx8, 117 cm (46") Typ 46PDL8xx8, 140 cm (55") Typ 55PFL8xx8, 140 cm (55") Typ 55PDL8xx8