Many features, more transparency

Blue Angel eco-labelled printers, copiers or multifunction devices all have one common advantage: their contribution to indoor air pollution at the workplace or in private households is particularly low. In order to being awarded the Blue Angel eco-label devices must meet strict requirements for material selection and recyclable design. Last but not least, low-pollutant materials are used in the plastic parts, thus, reducing possible harm to the environment and health risks. In addition, low energy consumption also helps to protect the climate.



Benefits to the Environment

  1. low energy consumption
  2. low emissions and noise
  3. durable

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

Brother International GmbH, Germany (48)
Brother HL-1110
Brother HL-1110E
Brother HL-1110R
Brother HL-1112
Brother HL-1112E
Brother HL-1112R
Brother HL-1202R
Brother HL-1210W
Brother HL-1210WE
Brother HL-1210WVB
Brother HL-1212W
Brother HL-1212WR
Brother HL-1212WVB
Brother HL-1222WE
Brother HL-1223WE
Brother HL-3142CW
Brother HL-3152CDW
Brother HL-3172CDW
Brother HL-L2300D
Brother HL-L2300DR
Brother HL-L2310D
Brother HL-L2340DW
Brother HL-L2340DWR
Brother HL-L2350DW
Brother HL-L2357DW
Brother HL-L2360DN
Brother HL-L2360DNR
Brother HL-L2365DW
Brother HL-L2365DWR
Brother HL-L2370DN
Brother HL-L2375DW
Brother HL-L5000D
Brother HL-L5100DN
Brother HL-L5100DN2T
Brother HL-L5100DNT
Brother HL-L5200DW
Brother HL-L5200DWT
Brother HL-L6250DN
Brother HL-L6300DW
Brother HL-L6300DWT
Brother HL-L6400DW
Brother HL-L6400DW2T
Brother HL-L6400DWT
Brother HL-L8260CDW
Brother HL-L8360CDW
Brother HL-L9310CDW
Brother HL-L9310CDWT
Brother HL-L9310CDWTT
Canon Deutschland GmbH, Germany (20)
Canon i-SENSYS LBP151dw
Canon i-SENSYS LBP212dw
Canon i-SENSYS LBP214dw
Canon i-SENSYS LBP215x
Canon i-SENSYS LBP251dw
Canon i-SENSYS LBP252dw
Canon i-SENSYS LBP253x
Canon i-SENSYS LBP312x
Canon i-SENSYS LBP351x
Canon i-SENSYS LBP352x
Canon i-SENSYS LBP613Cdw
Canon i-SENSYS LBP653Cdw
Canon i-SENSYS LBP654Cx
Canon i-SENSYS LBP710Cx
Canon i-SENSYS LBP712Cx
Canon imageRUNNER 1435P
Canon imageRUNNER 2520
Canon imageRUNNER 2525
Canon imageRUNNER 2530i
EPSON Deutschland GmbH, Germany (4)
HP Deutschland GmbH, Germany (73)
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M552dn
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553x
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M652dn
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M653dn
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M653x
HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M750xh
HP Color LaserJet Managed E55040dw
HP Color LaserJet Managed E65050dn
HP Color LaserJet Managed E65060dn
HP Color LaserJet Pro M154a
HP Color LaserJet Pro M154nw
HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dn
HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw
HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dn
HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 M712xh
HP LaserJet Enterprise M506dn
HP LaserJet Enterprise M506x
HP LaserJet Enterprise M607dn
HP LaserJet Enterprise M608dn
HP LaserJet Enterprise M608x
HP LaserJet Enterprise M609dh
HP LaserJet Enterprise M609dn
HP LaserJet Enterprise M609x
HP LaserJet Enterprise M806x+ Printer
HP LaserJet Managed E50045dw
HP LaserJet Managed E60055dn
HP LaserJet Managed E60065dn
HP LaserJet Managed E60065x
HP LaserJet Managed E60075dn
HP LaserJet Managed E60075x
HP LaserJet Pro M102w
HP LaserJet Pro M15a
HP LaserJet Pro M15w
HP LaserJet Pro M203dn
HP LaserJet Pro M203dw
HP LaserJet Pro M402dne (ab/from SN PHC6H31005)
HP LaserJet Pro M402m (ab/from SN PHC6H31005)
HP LaserJet Pro M501dn
HP OfficeJet Pro 8218 Printer
HP PageWide 352dw Printer
HP PageWide Enterprise Color 556xh
HP PageWide Enterprise Color 765dn
HP PageWide Managed Color E75160dn
HP PageWide Managed Color P75250dn
HP PageWide Managed P55250dw Printer
HP PageWide Managed P75050dn
HP PageWide Managed P75050dw
HP PageWide Pro 452dw Printer
HP PageWide Pro 750dn
HP PageWide Pro 750dw
Samsung CLP-415N
Samsung CLP-680DW
Samsung CLP-680ND
Samsung ProXpress C3010ND
Samsung ProXpress C4010ND
Samsung ProXpress M3325ND
Samsung ProXpress M3820DW
Samsung ProXpress M3820ND
Samsung ProXpress M3820ND/XEG
Samsung ProXpress M3825DW
Samsung ProXpress M3825ND
Samsung ProXpress M4020ND
Samsung ProXpress M4020NX
Samsung ProXpress M4025ND
Samsung ProXpress M4025NX
Samsung ProXpress M4030ND
Samsung ProXpress M4530ND
Samsung ProXpress M4530NX
Samsung Xpress C1810W
Samsung Xpress C430
Samsung Xpress C430W
Samsung Xpress M2625D
Samsung Xpress M2825ND
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH, Germany (14)
DEVELOP ineo 3301P
DEVELOP ineo 3602P
DEVELOP ineo 4000P
DEVELOP ineo 4402P
DEVELOP ineo 4700P
DEVELOP ineo 4702P
DEVELOP ineo+ 3100P
Konica Minolta bizhub 3301P
Konica Minolta bizhub 3602P
Konica Minolta bizhub 4000P
Konica Minolta bizhub 4402P
Konica Minolta bizhub 4700P
Konica Minolta bizhub 4702P
Konica Minolta bizhub C3100P
KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH, Germany (19)
Kyocera ECOSYS P2040dn - ab/from SN: VCY6Z32849
Kyocera ECOSYS P2040dw - ab/from SN: VD36Z02944
Kyocera ECOSYS P2235dn - ab/from SN: VCT7105909
Kyocera ECOSYS P2235dw - ab/from SN: VCV7103712
Kyocera ECOSYS P3045dn
Kyocera ECOSYS P3050dn
Kyocera ECOSYS P3055dn
Kyocera ECOSYS P3060dn
Kyocera ECOSYS P5021cdn
Kyocera ECOSYS P5021cdw
Kyocera ECOSYS P5026cdn
Kyocera ECOSYS P5026cdw
Kyocera ECOSYS P6035cdn
Kyocera ECOSYS P6130cdn
Kyocera ECOSYS P6230cdn
Kyocera ECOSYS P6235cdn
Kyocera ECOSYS P7040cdn
Kyocera ECOSYS P7240cdn
Lexmark Deutschland GmbH, Germany (65)
Lexmark B2338dw
Lexmark B2442dw
Lexmark B2546dn
Lexmark B2650dn
Lexmark C2132
Lexmark C4150
Lexmark C6160 (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
Lexmark C9235
Lexmark CS310dn
Lexmark CS317dn
Lexmark CS410dn
Lexmark CS410dtn
Lexmark CS417dn
Lexmark CS510de
Lexmark CS510dte
Lexmark CS517dn
Lexmark CS720de
Lexmark CS720dte
Lexmark CS725de
Lexmark CS725dte
Lexmark CS727de
Lexmark CS728de
Lexmark CS820de (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CS820dte (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CS820dtfe (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CS827de (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CS921de
Lexmark CS923de
Lexmark CS927de
Lexmark CX820de (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CX820dtfe (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CX825de (FW≥YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CX825dte (FW≥YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CX825dtfe (FW≥YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CX860de (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CX860dte (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
Lexmark CX860dtfe (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
Lexmark M1242
Lexmark M1246
Lexmark M3250
Lexmark M5155 (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark M5163 (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark M5170 (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MB2442adwe
Lexmark MS321dn
Lexmark MS421dn
Lexmark MS421dw
Lexmark MS521dn
Lexmark MS621dn
Lexmark MS622de
Lexmark MS810de (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MS810dn (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MS810dtn (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MS811dn (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MS811dtn (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MS812de (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MS812dn (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MS812dtn (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MS817dn (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MS818dn (FW ≥ FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MX521de
Lexmark MX710de (FW > FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MX710dhe (FW > FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark MX711de (FW > FDN.DN.E711)
Lexmark XC6152 (FW ≥ YK.040.E015)
OKI Europe (Deutschland & Österreich), Germany (6)
OKI B512dn
OKI C532dn
OKI C542dn
OKI ES5112dn
OKI ES5432
OKI ES5442
Ricoh SP C352DN
SP 450DN
SP 4510DN
SP 4520DN
SP 5300DN
SP 5310DN
SP 6430DN
SP 8400DN ab Firmware Version 1.25 und S/N Y877RA10001
SP C360DNw
RISO Deutschland GmbH, Germany (4)
ComColor black FW1230 from serial number 34546001
ComColor FW5000 from serial number 34416001
ComColor FW5230 from serial number 34396001
ComColor FW5231 from serial number 34406001
SHARP Business Systems Deutschland GmbH, Germany (1)
Sharp MX-C300P
TA Triumph-Adler GmbH, Germany (28)
TA Triumph-Adler P-3522DW - ab/from SN: VNZ7100107
TA Triumph-Adler P-4020DN - ab/from SN: VP17102094
TA Triumph-Adler P-4020DW - ab/from SN: VP27101409
TA Triumph-Adler P-4531DN
TA Triumph-Adler P-5031DN
TA Triumph-Adler P-5531DN
TA Triumph-Adler P-6031DN
TA Triumph-Adler P-C2650DW
TA Triumph-Adler P-C3061DN
TA Triumph-Adler P-C3062DN
TA Triumph-Adler P-C3560DN
TA Triumph-Adler P-C3562DN
TA Triumph-Adler P-C4070DN
TA Triumph-Adler P-C4072DN
UTAX P-3522DW - ab/from SN: VNZ7100107
UTAX P-4020DN - ab/from SN: VP17102094
UTAX P-4020DW - ab/from SN: VP27101409
Toshiba e-STUDIO3508LP
Toshiba e-STUDIO4508LP
Toshiba e-STUDIO5008LP
Toshiba e-STUDIO525P (Firmware ≥ FDN.DN.E715-0)
Xerox GmbH, Germany (12)
Xerox Phaser 3330 DNI
Xerox Phaser 3610 DN mit Firmware Set Version PL4
Xerox Phaser 6510 mit Firmware Set Version 65.1x.xx
Xerox VersaLink B400 Printer
Xerox Versalink B600 Printer V_DN
Xerox Versalink B610 Printer V_DN
Xerox VersaLink C400 Color Printer mit Firmware Set Version 16.03.xx
Xerox Versalink C500 Color Printer V_DN
Xerox VersaLink C7000 Printer
Xerox VersaLink C8000 Color Printer
Xerox VersaLink C9000 Color Printer
Xerox Xerox Versalink C600 Color Printer V_DN