Data shredders, as, for example, file shredders, are used to destroy confidential documents that are no longer needed by shredding them into pieces. A lot of shredders do not just shred paper but also other data carriers, such as CDs / DVDs or credit cards and, thus, protect them from data misuse. The maximum power of data shredders for personal and small office use is between 130 and 700 watts. The maximum power of appliances for open-plan offices or office floors is between about 700 and 2600 watts. The greater part of the annual power consumed by inefficient data shredders (90 to 97 %) is not consumed in the actual operating mode (paper shredding) but in “standby” and “off” mode.

The Blue Angel eco-label for data shredders may be awarded to appliances featuring low power consumption, long-lived design and avoidance of environmentally harmful materials.

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. engergy saving
  2. durable
  3. low level of harmful materials

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

Cummins Allison Corp., USA (4)
Cummins 526
Cummins 534, 537, 535, 536
Cummins 555, 556, 554
Cummins 576-A
HSM GmbH + Co. KG, Germany (14)
Securio AF150
Securio AF300
Securio AF500
Securio B22
Securio B24
Securio B26
Securio B32
Securio B34
Securio B35
Securio C14
Securio C16
Securio C18
Securio P36
Securio P40
Krug & Priester GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (10)
IDEAL 2245, 2245 CC, 2265, 2265 CC, EBA 1126, 1126 C, 1128, 1128 C
IDEAL 2445, 2445 CC, 2445 MC, 2445 SMC; EBA 1624 S, 1624 C, 1624 CC, 1624 CCC
IDEAL 2465, 2465 CC; EBA 1824 S, 1824 C
IDEAL 2503, 2503CC; EBA 2127S, 2127C
IDEAL 2604, 2604CC, 2604MC, 2604SMC, 2605 SMC; EBA 2326S, 2326C, 2326CC, 2326CCC, 2026-2CCC
IDEAL 3104, 3104CC; EBA 2331S, 2331C
IDEAL 3105, 3105CC, 3105SMC; EBA 5131S, 5131C, 5131CCC
IDEAL 3804, 3804CC; EBA 2339S, 2339C
IDEAL 4002, 4002CC; EBA 3140S, 3140C
IDEAL 4005, 4005CC, 4005MC, 4005SMC; EBA 5141S, 5141C, 5141CC, 5141CCC
MBM Corporation, USA (8)
Destroyit 2360, 2360CC, 2360MC, 2360SMC
Destroyit 2503, 2503CC
Destroyit 2604, 2604CC, 2604MC, 2604SMC
Destroyit 3104, 3104CC
Destroyit 3105, 3105CC, 3105SMC
Destroyit 3804, 3804CC
Destroyit 4002, 4002CC
Destroyit 4005, 4005CC, 4005MC, 4005SMC
SEM Security Engineered, USA (6)
SEM 1324, 1324P, 1324C/3
SEM 2125, 2125P
SEM 2226S/2, 2226P/2, 2226CC/3, 244/4
SEM 266, 266P, 266/4
SEM 3130, 3130P
SEM 5141, 5141P, 5141C/4