Can wood be injurious to human health?
In chipboards and other materials pollutants may dissolve from the binders and get into the indoor air. This may cause mucosal inflammation of eyes and ears as well as irritation of the throat, sickness, headache and breathing problems. Blue Angel-labelled wood-based materials are low in emissions.
Benefits to Environment and Health
  1. no alarming release of pollutants
  2. use of wood from sustainably managed forests
  3. free from halogenated organic compounds

Product preview

elka-Holzwerke GmbH, Germany (2)
elka VITA Massivholzplatte 3-Schicht Fichte, Qualität AB/B und B/C, Dickenbereich: 15-50 mm
esb Plus P5 Spanplatte, Dickenbereich: 9-30 mm