Low-Emission and Solvent-Free Floor-covering adhesives

Do adhesives have an impact on human health?
Fortunately, the days when floor coverings were laid by the use of solvent-containing adhesives are over. Today, we use water-dilutable adhesives which may, however, also cause health problems because solvent-free is not equal to pollutant-free. The adhesive may still contain various non- volatile organic substances. These substances gradually evaporate from the adhesive over a long period of time and make their way through the flooring and, thus, get into the air we breathe or attach themselves to the house dust. This is not the case with Blue Angel-labelled adhesives.

List of Recognised Testing Institutes for the Detection of Emissions of Formaldehyde and other Volatile Organic Compounds for Award of the Environmental Label.

Link to appendix 1 of RAL-UZ 102

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. solvent-free
  2. particularly low in emissions
  3. preservatives are limited to acceptable levels for human health
  4. limitation of possible odour components
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