Wood for a good indoor climate

Products made of wood or wood-based materials, such as interior floor coverings, panels and doors, may cause an environmental impact during their production, use and disposal.
The Blue Angel eco-label considers the whole life cycle of a product and promotes, above all, the use of wood from sustainably managed forests and of low-emission wood-based materials.

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. no materials that might pose a risk to the indoor living environment and during recycling – especially in the coating
  2. mostly made of wood - a natural and renewable resource
  3. wood from sustainable forestry
  4. optional odour test of the product by the manufacturer in accordance with DIN ISO 16000-28
Franz Nüsing GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (1)
Nüsing Greenline mobile Trennwände
Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (1)
Holzboden Celenio by HARO, Designbodenbelag, Variationen ATRIUM, ATHOS, PAPYRUS, ARDESIA, ATTIKA, SOHO, 8 mm und 6,5 mm
Kronoflooring GmbH, Germany (1)
Wandpaneele kronowall 3D GOLD Edition - Dicken 7 bis 12 mm, verschiedene Dekore, Formate und Strukturen
MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH, Germany (5)
MEISTER Dekorpaneele Terra DP 150, Terra DP 200, Terra DP 250
MEISTER Lindura-Holzboden HD 300 naturgeölt
SCHULTE RÄUME Lindura-Holzboden 200 Diele naturgeölt
Schulte Räume Longlife-Parkett Collectionen Parkettboden 250 AKTIV/lackiert; Parkettboden 250 AKTIV/naturgeölt; Parkettboden 250 AKTIV/Diele/UV-geölt; Parkettboden 250 AKTIV/Diele/naturgeölt; Parkettboden 250 FASHION/UV-geölt; Parkettboden 250 MAXI-STAB/UV-geölt; Parkettboden 250 MAXI-STAB/naturgeölt; Parkettboden Edition S1
PARADOR GmbH, Germany (3)
PARADOR ClickBoard Decken- und Wandpaneel
PARADOR Dekorpaneele Decken- und Wandpaneel Home, Novara, RapidoClick, Style, MilanoClick
Schöner Wohnen Dekor-Paneele Programme home collection, style collection. Verschiedene Ausführungen