Diessner CleanAir Gel-Grund

Product information of the company:

Aqueous, fine deep primer for indoor use

  • No preservatives
  • Very odourless
  • ELF extra = emissions minimised, solvent and plasticizer-free, No preservatives
  • Fine
  • Diffusible
  • Very high penetration depth
  • Saponification stable
  • Very good surface compaction
  • Eco-friendly



Intended use:

Transparent fine primer for indoor use. Low emission, solvent, plasticiser and preservative free. For solidifying plaster with slightly absorbent surfaces and for the regulation of the absorption of strongly or variably absorbent surfaces e.g. masonry, plaster (DIN EN 998-1/DIN V 18550 MG P Ic- P IV), concrete, structural plaster, stable old coatings, etc.

Note for those with allergies:

When manufacturing Diessner CleanAir deep primer we do not add preservatives.


Test reports / certificates

IUG test report: suitable for people with allergies

Blauer Engel (blue Angel): for special environmental friendliness

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emissions
  2. low level of harmful materials

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