Product information of the company:

Self-shining coating for wooden floors

Specifically designed for oiled and sealed wooden floors.
High content of solids, dries like a varnish, forms a self-shining transparent film.
Very durable, dirt-resistant and non-slip.

Suitable for protecting wooden floors which have been treated with wax-free wood oils, e.g. Kiehl-Basic Oil, Kiehl-PurOil or Kiehl-Eco Refresher, such as parquet, planks, paving, industrial parquet, stairs, OSB-boards, glued laminated timber, etc. Also suitable for wooden floors which have been subject to wear and tear, whose worn-out sealing or impregnation still covers the whole area. Not suitable for wooden surfaces which have been treated with solvent wax.

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low in solvents
  2. low pollutant content
  3. no adverse impact on health in the living environment