Fibrolith Dämmplatten gemäß Anlage

Product information of the company:

Fibro-Kustik acoustic boards

optional: indoor air cleaning effect by PURE GENIUS™

Ceiling panels, room dividers, wall elements, or full-surface wall and ceiling cladding made of Fibro-Kustik boards improve the room acoustics and create a natural coziness. Due to the openpore structure with numerous cavities, they achieve very good sound absorption values. The characteristic surface texture of the wood-wool boards offers creative design possibilities.

The Fibro-Kustik acoustic boards are manufactured with renewable raw materials from the region. Like the people, the landscape, and the weather, the boards also have their special characteristics: strong and robust, of course.

Whether in residential, commercial, industrial, or public buildings such as gastronomy, offices, schools, kinder-gartens, sports halls, sports facilities, production facilities, halls, theaters, movie theaters, or shops – wherever spatial acoustics are to be improved with creative aspiration, our wood-wool boards come into play.

Board types
Fibro-Kustik acoustic boards are available in four types: Florence, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin. They differ in fire resistance and fiber widths.

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All Fibro-Kustik acoustic panels are optionally available with the PURE GENIUS™ indoor air cleaning coating:

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Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emissions
  2. low pollutant content
  3. no adverse impact on health in the living environment