DROOFF APRICA 2 (TREND / Plus) with catalyst, automatic air regulation fire+ and particle separator OekoTube-Inside/ OekoTube OT2

Product information of the company:


Not without reason one of our most popular stoves: The APRICA 2 combines timeless product design with child's play operation. The successful "TREND" version makes the APRICA 2 with its frameless glass pane a particularly elegant furnishing accessory. Combine numerous furnishing variants and make the APRICA 2 your own personal highlight.


APRICA 2 Plus / APRICA 2 Plus Trend

Timeless and tasteful - with the APRICA 2 Plus you can create a visual highlight in your living room. Thanks to its high-quality natural stone cladding, the APRICA 2 Plus effectively stores heat. Logs and lighting material can be discreetly concealed behind an optionally available wood compartment panel.


APRICA 2 Edition Trend

Controls at an ergonomic height, the crackling fire at eye level: DROOFF's best-selling stove now even bigger!

Benefits to the environment and health

  1. reduction of particulate matter
  2. user-friendliness