Fibrolith Fibro-Kustik und Fibro-Therm Wärmedämmstoffe für Gebäude gemäß Anlage

Product information of the company:

Multi-layer boards with wood wool

Our multi-layer board Fibro-THERM-S with its robust surface made of wood wool and a core of inflammable mineral wool is particularly suitable for economically insulating basement garage ceilings and basement ceilings. The insulating boards reduce energy consumption in rooms above basement garage ceilings and basement ceilings. They prevent the formation of thermal bridges. They ensure good vapor permeability. They improve room acoustic and offer safe fire protection. The Fibro THERM-S is also the ideal insulation plate for "breathable" and sustainable prefabricated houses. It is also suitable for internal or external insulation or as a plaster base panel.


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Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emission / low emission and low odour
  2. low pollutant content
  3. no adverse impact on health in indoor spaces