Poraver® expanded glass

Product information of the company:

Poraver® expanded glass is a versatile lightweight aggregate for high-quality building materials and industrial products.

The material offers a mix of outstanding properties that no other product in this range can match. Despite its low density, Poraver® expanded glass is very pressure-resistant.

Its low weight and round grain shape make Poraver® expanded glass the ideal additive for lightweight concrete, mortar, plaster and slabs. Due to its high thermal insulation properties and insensitivity, it is also used as a fill. In addition, it absorbs sound, is moisture-resistant, permanently dimensionally stable, highly fire-resistant and chemically resistant.

Poraver® consists of 100 % post-consumer recycled glass and therefore is purely mineral.

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emission / low emission and low odour
  2. low pollutant content
  3. no adverse impact on health in indoor spaces