Fibrolith Fibro-Kustik Barcelona B1, Berlin B1, Florence A2, Paris A2, Barcelona B1 Pure Genius, Berlin B1 Pure Genius, Florence A2 Pure Genius, Paris A2 Pure Genius, DUO, Protect 7T, Protect 1,5T, Protect 7T Pure Genius, Protect 1,5 T Pure Genius, TRIO

Product information of the company:

Acoustic boards made of wood wool
Ceiling panels, room dividers, wall elements, or full-surface wall and ceiling cladding made of Fibro-Kustik boards improve the room acoustics and create a natural coziness.

Due to the open pore structure, they achieve very good sound absorption values. The characteristic surface texture of the wood-wool boards offers creative design possibilities.

Our Fibro-Kustik acoustic boards are available in four types: Florence, Barcelona, Paris, and Berlin. They differ in fire resistance and fiber widths. Go on a city trip with us!

More information at: Room acoustics

As an option, all Fibro-Kustik acoustic boards are available with the PURE GENIUS™ indoor air-purifying coating.


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Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emission / low emission and low odour
  2. low pollutant content
  3. no adverse impact on health in indoor spaces