Environmentally friendly Internal Plasters

Environmentally friendly internal plasters

Internal plasters are used to cover large surfaces indoors just like wall paints. Therefore, it is important that these products have low emissions and are also not harmful to human health in other ways. The Environmental Label Jury established new criteria for internal plasters at its meeting in December 2018. The most important new requirement is that internal plasters with the Blue Angel are no longer permitted to use preservatives containing biocidal substances. Manufacturers must provide analytical verification of compliance with this requirement. The information that must be stated on the container and the technical data sheet has been supplemented to include a note about consumers wearing protective goggles for their own protection.

As these new requirements for even safer products require far-reaching changes to the production process, the Environmental Label Jury agreed to extend the validity of the still existing Basic Award Criteria until 31/12/2020. This will give manufacturers the opportunity to change the formulations for their internal plasters over to preservative-free versions.

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emissions
  2. low pollutant content

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

alsecco GmbH, Germany (2)
alsecco Alsilite T Aero
alsecco Alsitop SF
HECK Wall Systems GmbH, Germany (1)
Rajasil KFP OWA (Kalkfeinputz ohne Wasserabweisung) Rajasil KFP OWA (Kalkfeinputz ohne Wasserabweisung)
Saint-Gobain Weber GmbH, Germany (9)
weber pluscalc
weber.cal 172
weber.cal 174
weber.cal 174 SLK
weber.cal 175 SLK
weber.cal 176
weber.cal 178
weber.cal 286
weber.cal 288
SAKRET Trockenbaustoffe, Germany (1)
SAKRET Reinkalk-Innenputz RK-IP, Artikel- Nr.  40903300 SAKRET Reinkalk-Innenputz RK-IP, Artikel- Nr. 40903300
stucco pompeji GmbH, Germany (1)
stucco gesso Farbtöne sp 01, sp 09, sp 12