HORNBACH Vinyl Click Underlay 1,5mm

Product information of the company:

Vinyl Click Underlay 1.5 mm - The ideal underlay for modern vinyl click flooring

Vinyl Click Underlay 1.5 mm has been specially developed to meet the requirements of modern vinyl click flooring.

The pressure-resistant foam not only reliably protects the floor from damage, but also reduces passing through of subfloor irregularities, e.g.: tile joints.

Despite the low material thickness, this underlay made of extruded polystyrene provides very good sound insulation values, especially in impact sound.

Vinyl Click Underlay 1.5 mm is equipped with an anti-slip surface that prevents the individual panels from sliding and thus the opening of joints. The integrated vapour barrier protects the floor from moisture damage thanks to AquaStop™ technology.

This underlay can be used both in damp rooms and on top of underfloor heating.

The fanfold system "easy lay" ensures that the underlays are laid out quickly and flat. With the "easy click" connection system, the individual lengths can be securely clicked together. The printed grid "easy cut" enables a precise cut to size very easily with a cutter knife.

Benefits to the environment and health

  1. low emissions
  2. low pollutant content