Product information of the company:

As hard as a rock. As warm as wood. The new flooring class.

Modern tiles? Or a cosy wooden floor? We say: both! The innovative Nadura floor makes this possible. Warm underfoot and natural like wood, robust and unbreakable like tiles – these properties are perfectly combined in Nadura flooring.

The main component of Nadura is the innovative “wood powder” – a mixture of fine wood fibres and mineral components that is compressed using pressure and high temperatures. Resulting in the Nadura surface –that is in fact both: as hard as a rock and as warm as wood! And it looks fantastic. Trendy imitation stone and metal in maxi tile format accentuates your modern decor.

Nadura makes the difference: a floor that is similar to ceramic and fine stoneware in hardness but is fitted with the warm to the foot feel-good factor of wood. This innovative material allows for a whole range of surface versions that replicate elegant slate and sandstone or modern concrete structures

Benefits to the Environment and Health

  1. low emissions and pollutants
  2. wood from sustainable forestry
  3. no adverse impact on health in the living environment