CLASSEN Fußbodenbeläge
NEO Stone, NEO Wood, NEO XXL, Design Flooring:NEO Stone, 4,5 mm, Typen: NEO Stone 11, NEO Stone 13, NEO Stone 14, NEO Stone 16 bis 19. NEO Wood, 4,5 mm, Typen: NEO Wood 11 bis 16, NEO Wood 21 bis 23, NEO Wood 29, NEO Wood 31 bis 36, NEO Wood 41 bis 43, NEO Wood 51 bis 53, NEO Wood 63.
NEO Wood (Zusatzdekore Ele-Bau) 4,5 mm, Typen: NEO Wood 17, NEO Wood 19, NEO Wood 24.
NEO XXL, 4,5 mm, Typen: NEO XXL 11 bis 13, NEO XXL 21 bis 23.
Design Flooring, 4 mm, Typen: Design Flooring Oak Snow, Design Flooring Oak Nature, Design Flooring Oak Honey, Design Flooring Oak Brown.

Product information of the company:

NEO 2.0 by Classen on CERAMIN® carrier board has been developed by one of the world’s leading f looring  manufacturers. NEO 2.0 by Classen is extremely robust andwaterproof. The floor covering is free of PVC and other harmful substances and is also ecological, 100 % recyclable and made completely in Germany.  At the heart of NEO 2.0 by Classen is the newly developed CERAMIN® material – a natural carrier material based on minera materials which enables design flooring for an ecological home.

NEO 2.0 by Classen — an eco-friendly design flooring, absolutely in line with the times.              

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emissions
  2. low pollutant content
  3. no adverse impact on health in the living environment