UZIN Universalfixierung - Wasserablösbare Dispersionsfixierung

Product information of the company:

UZIN Universal Tackifier NEW

 Easy-release installation of soft textile coverings

Very low-emission, water-soluble dispersion fixative for PVC and textile coverings

  • easier to release than fully bonded, saves costs during later renovation


  • for textile coverings with lightweight secondary- or fleece-backings
  • for soft PVC and cushioned vinyl
  • on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
  • on suitable, intact, existing floor coverings, e.g. PVC flooring
  • in rented accommodation, domestic and lightweight project locations


  • application by roller or notched trowel
  • easy to release on dense surfaces
  • as a wet-bond or pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • interior use only
  • solvent-free
  • RAL-UZ 113 / environmentally friendly, due to very low emissions
  • EMICODE EC 1 PLUS - Very low emission

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emissions
  2. low in solvents
  3. no adverse impact on health in the living environment