UZIN NC 182 - Standfeste Reparaturmasse

Product information of the company:

Low-Slump Smoothing Compound


Spreads to "nil thickness"

Low-slump, fine and very fast setting cement smoothing compound for any thickness

  • universal use as a repair mortar
  • rapid setting, time saving
  • no marks under visually sensitive coverings from coarse aggregate


  • for filling holes and surface damage
  • for levels adjustment and patch smoothing work
  • for fine skimming or area scratch-coating
  • on all surfaces as a repair-, filling- and smoothing-compound


  • ready for covering after 60 min.
  • hydraulically setting
  • from feather-edge to high thicknesses
  • ideal working properties
  • fine grain, eliminates smoothing edges
  • for interior use only
  • low-chromate content
  • RAL UZ 113 / environmentally compatible because of very low emission
  • EMICODE EC 1 R PLUS - Very low emission

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emissions
  2. low in solvents
  3. no adverse impact on health in the living environment