Thomsit T 435 Tackifier Haftstopp

Product information of the company:

Features and benefits:

  • Prevents slipping and carpet tile movement
  • Easy replacement of single tiles possible
  • Ideally suited for self-laying tiles with a non-woven backed heavy coating
  • Ergonomic application by roller

Fields of application:

A very low-emission, anti-slip tackifier for the easily removable installation of loose-lay carpet tiles and modules equipped with a

  • non-woven backed heavy coating (e.g. bitumen or polyolefin)
  • fleece backing.

Thomsit T 435 can be used on

  • double floors or raised access floors (e.g. made of screed, plywood or metal), firmly adhering existing coverings (e.g. PVC/CV, linoleum, stone floors)
  • and on all other substrates ready to receive flooring in commercial and residential areas.

If required, the coverings can be re-moved and fixed repeatedly. Thomsit T 435 meets the highest requirements for occupational safety, indoor air quality and environmental compatibility.

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. low emissions
  2. low in solvents
  3. no adverse impact on health in the living environment