Product information of the company:

1-Component Hybrid Adhesive


UZIN KE 68 T is a ready to use and user-friendly 1-comp. hybrid adhesive with very low emissions. The compact adjustement of the adhesive is ideal for wall applications. The adhesive is very resistant against heavy loads, high temperatures or humidity. For interior use.

  • ideal consistency for working on vertical surfaces
  • for installers with PUR or epoxy sensitization
  • for areas with high temperatures 


  • rubber floor coverings in tiles up to 4 mm (e.g. norament®)
  • luxury vinyl tiles or design floors
  • PVC and CV floor coverings in sheets and tiles
  • linoleum in tiles up to 4 mm
  • PVC wall cladding (e.g. Altro Whiterock, Gerflor Decochoc)
  • absorbent and non absorbent substrates
  • deformable or elastic substrates (e.g. underlays, wood, please obtain technical advice for metal)

Extendet Applications:

  • wooden wall cladding (e.g. wood clinker)
  • engineered wood flooring on the wall
  • also suitable for floor applications

Note: Obtain technical advice for additional combinations of floor covering and substrates.


  • User friendly
  • High dimension stability
  • For universal use

Quality seals and badges

  • Solvent-free, containing methoxysilane
  • EMICODE EC 1 PLUS / Very low emission
  • DE-UZ 113 / Environmentally friendly because of low emissions

Benefits to environment and health

  1. low emissions
  2. low in solvents