Product information of the company:

RUTSCH-EX® (SLIP-EX®) is an environmentally
friendly natural grit that does not contain any
salts. It is equally both economical and
effective in slippery conditions.

SLIP-EX® is made from naturally expanded silicate and
has no negative impact on the environment.

Used for
SLIP-EX® is suitable for slip control in commercial, institutional,
public and private properties. It can be used on roadways,
sidewalks, parking lots and on driveways.

Application Areas
SLIP-EX® can be spread mechanically or manually if desired.
There are no temperature limitations unlike salt based

Form of Delivery
• 10 liter / bag with handle (150 bags / pallet)
• 25 liter / bag (60 bags / pallet)
• 80 liter / bag (24 bags / pallet)
• Bulk

Benefits to health and environment

  1. salt-free
  2. protects the soil, water and plants


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