Quarzsand als Winterstreusand

Product information of the company:

The salt-free winter gritting agent from Euroquarz is an ideal gritting agent for snow and ice on yards, roads and footpaths. Obtained from natural raw materials by washing, drying, dedusting and classifying, our product is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to salt products.

There are no negative environmental effects on flora and fauna and the environment is spared from pollution of groundwater and soil.

The application is very simple. The grains are spread by hand or spreader to increase the slip resistance. The salt-free winter gritting agent from Euroquarz is offered loose, in 25 kg sacks or in big bags of 1 t each.

The products can be purchased directly from us ex works or we will be happy to name a specialist dealer in Iherr who carries our products. 


Benefits to health and environment

  1. salt-free
  2. protects the soil, water and plants