Patrol Boat "Bamberg", Schiffstyp Patrol Vessel OPV86, Schiffseigner: Bundespolizei, IMO Nummer 9830020, Flagge: Deutschland, Klassifikationsgesellschaft: DNVGL,

Product information of the company:


The Offshore Patrol Vessel POTSDAM (BP81) and the sister vessels BAMBERG (BP82) and BAD DÜBEN (BP83) are three state-of-the-art new builds in service of German Federal Police.


The three 86m long ships each have a helicopter landing deck on which even the largest helicopter of the German Federal Police, the "Super Puma", can take off and land. In addition, the ships offer storage options for containers with electricity and water connections, including special equipment. There are receptacles for fast emergency boats and sufficient accommodation for emergency personnel. The new vessels meet the latest emission and environmental standards. The engines are equipped with exhaust after-treatment systems and meet the emission standards TIER III and ECA for North and Baltic Sea.


They are used on inspection and patrol missions on the North and Baltic Sea and support international police operations in conjunction with special forces worldwide.


Benefits to the Environment

  1. environmentally friendly ship design 


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