Forschungsschiff MYA II, Schiffseigner: Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Klassifikationsgesellschaft und Klassezeichen: DNV GL; GL + 100 A5 E Work boat II + MC E EP-D RC

Product information of the company:

Research Vessel Mya II

Environmentally friendly research in the Wadden Sea

The 21-metre-long Mya II is the newest member of the research fleet of the AWI and on the way for the location AWI Sylt in the Wadden sea between Sylt and Rømø as well as up to the island Helgoland in the North sea.

"Though this is our smallest research vessel, but ultra-modern and very well equipped for the coastal research."
Prof. Dr. Karin Lochte, manager of the Alfred Wegener institute, about the MYA II with their commissioning in August, 2013

Up to twelve scientists do research aboard the Mya II. Assisted by the modern equipment of the ship the researchers observe, for example, material rivers between the different levels of the food net. Geologists calculate with the help of different measuring data where which sediments deposit, what kind of structure the seafloor has and for which organisms he is suited as a living space.

Among the rest, a flow meter and a multibeam sonar are available for these works. Moreover, the scientists can fall back on an echo sounder to the evaluation of the biomass of – for example – fishing as well as on different devices for the application of measuring systems and on several sampling devices.

The Mya II is, moreover, an education ship for young scientists. Students, as well as trainees and participants of postgraduate's schools are constant guests at AWI Sylt. They learn the contact with modern oceanographer's devices aboard the Mya II.

To protect the Wadden sea, the AWI has laid much emphasis on environmentally friendly technology by the construction of the Mya II. Thus a biocide-free  painting was chosen, a soot filter for the engines inserted and an emission purification facility installed. Therefore the Mya II was rewarded with the Blue-Angel eco-label for ship design.

Figures and facts

Port of registry
Length 21.7 metres
Width 6.26 metres
Max. draught 1.5 metres
Max. displacement 120 tons
Empty weight 88.5 tons
Commissioning AWI 2013
Engine MAN Truck & Bus AG, type: D2876LE407
Engine power 489 PS (one engine)
Range Day tours
Max. speed 10 knots
Operation area around Sylt and North Sea / Helgoland
Crew 2
Days on Sea per year (2013) Day tours at stations plans
Shipyard Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Scientists per day / long term sailing 12 / none



Benefits to the Environment

  1. environmentally friendly ship design