M&M Recycling Büro-Recycling-Serie Letter tray, Magazine holder, Note box, Desk Boy, File Box, Drawer box, Book End, Wastepaper Basket

Product information of the company:

 La Prima & La Natura:

 Metzger & Mendle stands for product quality and functionality in office products made of plastic. With the desk series M & M Recycling "Blue Angel" we set our sign for sustainable and lasting environmental awareness, since 2011.

We have extended this series with 3 new, fresh colors and combined them under the beautiful name "La Natura". The bright "verde" (green) and the sweet "ibisco" (pink) are complemented by the darker "azzurra" (blue). Sorted together, but also in a pure color, you put beautiful splashes of color on your desk and at the same time protect the environment, because these products are made of 100% recycled plastic (post-consumer waste) and stand for a responsible use of existing resources.

Furthermore, the articles are also available in the classic "La Prima" colors black, grey and "azzurra" (blue).

 Of course, the recyclable series is "Made in Germany".


Letter tray:

In the stylish Metzger & Mendle letter tray, papers and documents in A4/C4 format can be stored comfortably and clearly arranged. The slightly raised front area prevents slipping out, but the large grip groove gives you easy access to all documents. So the tray frees your desk from the paper chaos, keeps everything tidy and looks very nice at the same time! The letter tray can be stacked straight and shifted. The areas on the front left and right can be written on with labels or directly with e.g. permanent or chalk markers. 

Filling Drawer:

The Filing Drawer from Metzger & Mendle can be easily stored on shelves or in high drawers and can hold up to 20 A4 suspension files. The box is made of stable plastic and the handles on both sides make it suitable for the clean and tidy transport of your documents. 


The classic bookend from Metzger & Mendle blends easily into any bookshelf thanks to its simple design.

Wastepaper basket:


Round, static wastepaper basket made of high-quality, matt plastic with a capacity of 18 litres and surrounding handle edge. We recommend rubbish bags of 35 litres for this wastepaper basket.


The timeless pen holder "Desk-boy" by Metzger & Mendle with its six tubes of different heights offers optimal space for writing instruments and utensils of all kinds. 

Drawer box:

Systematic organising and storing is possible with the 3005 box from Metzger & Mendle. The box as well as the drawers are made of stable plastic and the five drawers are perfectly suited for A4 paper format. So there is always order on the desk! The pull-out stop also ensures that the drawers cannot be pulled out too far and tip out of the box. The drawers can be labelled with the help of labels, but also directly with e.g. permanent or chalk markers.

Magazine holder Vario:

The classic magazine holder made of high-quality plastic is suitable for all documents with a maximum format of DIN A4/C4 and convinces with its clear lines. This means that all documents in the office, exercise books on your child's desk, or recipe books in the kitchen are neatly stored away. Both the back and the front can be written on with labels, but also directly with e.g. permanent or chalk markers. 

Note box:

The note boxes from Metzger & Mendle have a format of 95 x 95 x 95 mm and contain 700 sheets of grey, high-quality, FSC®-certified, 80g thick paper. The individual sheets can be easily removed through a small cut-out on the front of the note box. 

Benefits to the Environment

  1. At least 80 % recycled plastic respectively foil at least 80% recycled plastic
  2. Limitation of pollutants