Quiet and clean vehicles
The operating noise of municipal vehicles can be very annoying, especially in residential and rest areas. For resident protection, municipalities should use low-noise vehicles and busses. Hence, the Blue Angel sets maximum permissible sound power levels for street sweepers, garbage trucks and busses. In addition, for environmental and health protection these vehicles must meet stringent exhaust emission and particulate matter standards.

Benefits to health and environment

  1. low noise
  2. low emissions

At the following companies you will find products with the Blue Angel

FAUN Viatec GmbH, Germany (2)
Kehrfahrzeug FAUN Viajet 6 R+L/ HY, Einzelfahrzeug, Typ 967KMU3, Diesel EURO 6, Fahrzeug-Ident-Nr. WDB96752620104862
Kehrfahrzeug FAUN Viajet 6 R+L/HY, Einzelfahrzeug, Typ 967KMU3, Diesel Euro 6, Fahrzeug-Ident-Nr. WDB96752620162708
FRISSEN GmbH, Germany (1)
Kompaktkehrmaschine RAVO 5i-Serie Euro6 Silent Stage II, Dieselmotor: Iveco N45ENT626.00/F4AFE411A*C, Nennleistung: 118 kW, Gebläsedrehzahl 1.300 / min CE 0044 - 514 15 011 5 001
Hako GmbH, Germany (1)
Hako Multifunktionaler Geräteträger und Kompaktkehrmaschine Citymaster 2200 im Eco-Mode, Dieselmotor: VM R754 EU VI, Nennleistung: 80 kW, Drehzahl: 2600/min, CE 0044 - 321 17 012 9 001