Product information of the company:

The dualflow© Plus M14 is a fast, energy efficient, ecologic, hygienic & stylish hand dryer.  It uses a high speed Class F universal motor to create an air stream of 410km/h that will dry your hands in ten seconds only. It’s elegant, easy maintenance designed and friendly-use. It’s very respectful with the environment thanks to its low power consumption (350 W in the ECO mode).

The dualflow©plus is much more hygienic than alternatives owing to its 3-layer HEPA filter H13 and the Biocote© technology. The HEPA filter captures more than 99% of allergens in the air by filtering the air through a 30 mm thick 3 coat filter. The filter blocks at least 99.95% of particles than are 0.3 micron in size. The inclusion of the Biocote© technology inhibits the growth of the microrganisms odour causing and staining, keeping the unit clean and hygienic at all times.

The M14 provides a premium experience in every aspect. Very fast in drying terms (10-15 seconds), very quiet (only 62 dBA on the ECO setting) and respectful with the environment. It can be considered a truly money saver hand dryer owing its unique features  that allows it to achieve savings of more than 73% compared to other “hands-in” dryers on the market.

The dualflow©plus M14 is certified, a part of Blauer Engel,  from third party by the German Laboratory VDE according with the European Safety standards EN60335-1 & EN60335-2-23 and with the European Electromagnetic Compatibility and repealing Directive 89/336/EEC.

Benefits to the Environment

  1. low energy consumption



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