CWS Stoffhandtuchspender der Linien Paradiseline, Bestline, Classicline, Industryline, Novoclean

Product information of the company:

CWS cotton towel dispensers are so-called "retractive dispensers". That means that the dispenser provides an individual clean portion of cotton towel for each user. The towel portion can be pulled out of the dispenser easily and is automatically retracted after single use. The cotton towel dispenser’s two-chamber system ensures clear separation between the clean and used towel portions. Precise portioning of the towel prevents unnecessary use. There are exclusive panel options available in various colors for the dispenser model Paradise Dry Slim. The cotton towel roll is the symbol of our sustainability policy. Because a CWS cotton towel roll can be washed and re-used up to 100 times, meaning that hands can be dried approximately 15.000 times and some 40.000 paper towels1 replaced. The user has a fresh portion of cotton towel each time hands are dried – something which fulfils the highest hygiene requirements. Old cotton towel rolls can be recycled and thus form the basis for new textile products such as mops or cleaning rags. A scientific study by the German Öko-Institute shows that the use of cotton towel rolls produces up to 79% less waste, 63% less energy and 48% less greenhouse gases.2 Our cotton towel is also certified with Öko-Tex Standard 100, the highest possible distinction for skin-friendliness and health safety.


1: Based on 100 laundry cycles for a CWS Universal Roll wide (150 uses/clean roll) and use of 2-3 single paper towels of average type and quality per hand drying.

2: Source: Ökobilanz von Händetrocknungssystemen: Baumwoll-Handtuchrollen im Vergleich zu Papiertüchern, Öko-Institut e.V. 2006.

Benefits to Environment and Health

  1. reduces waste
  2. low water pollution