The Basic Award Criteria are valid for electric cycles with power assistance (in the form of an electric motor) that achieve speeds of up to 25 km/h. These pedelec 25s have the same legal status as normal cycles; they can be carried on public transport and represent a sensible addition to other environmentally friendly modes of transport. Especially in the case of short distances, car journeys can be substituted by means of electric cycles to relieve the burden on the environment and on the volume of traffic.
Electric cycles that are issued with the Blue Angel ecolabel should provide guidance to consumers when they are selecting environmentally friendly, durable and also safe electric cycles on the market. For the first time, requirements will be placed here on rechargeable batteries and charging devices, which have not previously been subject to statutory regulations. In particular, these requirements focus on the quality and lifespan of the rechargeable batteries as well as on the availability of replacement batteries. This is because without the additional equipment, the useful life of the electric cycle is reduced to the lifespan of a rechargeable battery, and the pedelec would no longer be fit to ride after 4-5 years.

Benefits to the environment

  1. high battery quality and long lifespan
  2. long-term availability of replacement batteries
  3. safety tested
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