Imparat Farbwerk Iversen & Mähl GmbH & Co. KG
IMPARAT Rauhfaser 26 Premium
IMPARAT Rauhfaser 22
IMPARAT Rauhfaser 20 Mittel
IMPARAT Raufa e.l.f. Ultra-Decker
Raumweiß e.l.f. Farbton weiß und Basis P (Farbtöne Ultramix)
Flat interior paint with a good filling capacity, the ideal solution for  large scale projects. Easy to use, good hide, permeable to water vapor.
Grundierweiß-SF Farbton weiß und Basis P (Farbtöne Ultramix)
Silica free, white pigmented dispersion primer for indoors and outdoors, creating a good grip for the finishing coat with dispersion- or dispersion-silicate paints. Suitable as a slight textured subsurface for the decoration with translucent or paintable wallcoverings. Easy to use, permeable to...