Brand: ille

Ille Papier-Service GmbH
ille red – bath & toilet
The sanitary maintenance cleanser based on fruit acid cleans without the addition of muriatic acid. ILLE RED is suitable for the gentle application on acid-resistant materials in wash and toilet rooms. This applies to tiles, porcelain, stoneware, ceramic, artificial stone as well as sinks, toilets...
ille blue – domestic
The mild universal cleaner ILLE BLUE cleans all waterproof surfaces while removing any moisturising or greasy film building substances. The cleansed surfaces dry quickly and without any residue marks, surfaces remain streak and striation free. It is applicable on glass, synthetic materials, ceramic...
ille yellow – floor
ILLE YELLOW – the cleanser is made of water soluble polymers for daily maintenance cleaning. Suitable for manual application and machine  application on all waterproof flooring. The cleanser is polish able and suitable for high speed procedure. With the fragrance of fresh lemon.