Brand: FFF

Filzfabrik Fulda GmbH & Co. KG
FFF Fulda PA Bahnenware Nadelvlies-Bodenbelag
FFF Fulda Ment 60 Bahnenware Nadelvlies-Bodenbelag
FFF Fulda Ment60 impresses thanks to its nuanced range of colours. 60 intensive and muted colours are available for both roll goods as well as for the self-laying tiles. The floor is a flexible design element when it comes to modern unit design thanks to its hard-wearing and non-sensitive...
FFF Fulda Sun Bahnenware
FFF Fulda Spezial Bahnenware Nadelvlies-Bodenbelag
Over 50 years ago, the first needled-felt flooring left the Filzfabrik Fulda production line – at the time the standard was named FFF Fulda Flor. However, much has changed since then. Modern machines, increased quality standards and the notion of sustainability are just some of the issues...