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EXACOMPTA Büroaccessories gemäß Anhang
Exacompta S.A.
EXACOMPTA Forever® recycled PP grey dividers in A4 and A4 MAXI sizes- 20 tabs AZ, 26 tabs AZ, 12 tabs Jan.-Dec., 12 tabs 1-12, 31 tabs 1-31 and other possible variations in the tabs number
PP Printed Indices - FOR SIZES A4 AND DIN A4 MAXI - with different tabs numbers A-Z / Janv-Dec / A-12 / 1-31 - Grey The Exacompta Indices are made from 1.2mm grey recycled polypropylene material. The indices are available in A4 and A4 maxi sizes and soft and tear resistant. The...
EXACOMPTA Clipboards
Clipboard Balacron, 23x32cm for A4 This clipboard is made of resistant cardboard. It is rigid enough to allow note taking in any situation. The metal clip on clip has plastic corners so as not to alter documents. The clamp is fitted with an eyelet which allows the holder to be hung on a wall...
EXACOMPTA Suspensions files
Suspension files for drawers and suitcases storage With label holder and label Made of recycled cardboard 230 gsm With resistant metal bar 5 assorted colours Blue Angel certified
EXACOMPTA Recycled pads for flip-chart, printed and unprinte
FLIP CHART REFILL - RECYCLED TOP PAPER 80G / M2 - 20 SHEETS - WHITE - SQUARED OR PLAIN Refill block for flipchart delivered in 65x100cm roll. High quality recycled white paper, squared in 25x25mm ruled on the front and united on the back or plain. The ruling guides the writing for a smooth...