Brand: Erfurt

Erfurt & Sohn KG
Erfurt Rauhfaser, Qualitäten: Rustic; Extra grobe Struktur; Sonnenblume
Erfurt Rauhfaser, Qualitäten: Avangarde, Romantic
Rauhfaser Avantgarde The exciting texture The cubic-square shape of the wood fibres conjuring up a cheerful vivacity on the wall is the outstanding feature of this woodchip wallcovering. It transforms every room into an experience and a personal oasis of well-being – especially after it...
Erfurt Rauhfaser, Qualitäten: Classico, Paris, Objekt 52, Wiese, Grobe Struktur, Basic Grob, T130, 6000 Osteuropa
Rauhfaser Classico The classic texture Rauhfaser Classico is always an excellent choice and a loyal companion over many decades. This classic can be repainted many times and thus enables you to create new looks for your four walls – whether in the lounge, bedroom, or as hall or nursery...
Erfurt Rauhfaser, Qualitäten: Sprint, Roma, Objekt 32, Feine Struktur, Mittel weiß Bergsee
Rauhfaser Sprint The homely texture Anyone who wants their woodchip to convey as neutral a look as possible cannot go wrong with this texture. It blends perfectly with every interior, thanks to its subtle texture. It can easily be applied to the wall – or ceiling – and retains its...
Erfurt Rauhfaser Mittlere Struktur
ERFURT & SOHN Polska Sp. zo. o.
Rauhfaser, Qualitäten: Vanessa; Castorama Super Grob; Castorama Super Weiß; Euroline Venus
Erfurt Rauhfaser, Qualitäten: Gala extra, Triplex, Euroline Galicia, Castorama Grob Weiß
Rauhfaser, Qualitäten: Mittelweiß, Euroline Mittelweiß, Castorama Mittelweiß