Brand: Divinol

Zeller+Gmelin GmbH & Co. KG
Divinol SYN BE Plus
Divinol Bio-Kettenöl R
Biodegradable high-performance chainsaw oil based on renewable raw-material. Can be used all year round with excellent adhesion properties as well as anti-wear and corrosion protection properties. Divinol Bio-Kettenöl R offers a long-lasting gumming protection to avoid clogging of the...
Divinol Bio-Kettenöl HV
    Biodegradable high-performance saw chain oil on the basis of renewable raw materials. Especially developed for heavy-duty chain saws of wood harvesters, where a high viscosity and excellent lubricating properties are required. Divinol Bio-Kettenöl HV can be used all year...